Beginning Services

LiveHealGrow offers counseling services to clients of all ages and backgrounds and with a wide range of needs and goals for therapy. Using a variety of methods, our therapists provide support that’s tailored to you and your family. Visit the Our People page to meet our therapists.

Beginning Therapy

As part of beginning therapy for clients under the age of 18, families will often be scheduled for an initial consultation with our owner or clinicial director. This caregiver consultation allows us to gather more information about the needs your family is coming to therapy with and to share our model of therapy and how we might approach your family’s unique circumstances. This will give you an overview of what to expect from your child or teen’s treatment.

The initial consultation provides families an introduction to the LiveHealGive Model. This is a treatment model unique to LiveHealGrow Counseling implemented with children, teens, and families. Caregivers will learn about the approach to treatment of LiveHealGrow Counseling, and the quality of services to expect as they begin professional therapy support.


Please note the frequency and duration of sessions will be determined with your clinician on your individual treatment plan. Treatment plans will be reviewed every 12 weeks. If you have insurance information, please submit the information to our office. LiveHealGrow Counseling will run your eligibility and benefits and provide you with the estimation of costs we receive from your company. Please note, we cannot verify the accuracy of or guarantee the quote that is provided to us by your insurance but pass on this estimate as a courtesy to our clients. Our billable rates are as follows:

Adult/child initial assessment $195

Adult session during business hours 9 am to 5 pm $140 per session

Child (under 18) session during business hours 9 am to 5 pm $165 per session

Adult session after hours or on weekends $165 per session

Child (under 18) session after hours or on weekends $180 per session

If your insurance company denies the charges or states that you are responsible for the charges for the services received, we are contractually obligated to charge you up to the amounts listed above as determined by your insurance company and are unable to change those fees in any way once billed to insurance. 

Shared Parenting Course

LiveHealGrow Counseling offers a 2-hour introductory course for caregivers raising children in more than one home. This introductory course provides caregivers with the foundational principles involved in cooperative shared parenting, and guidance for caregivers involved in conflictual shared parenting relationships. The course incorporates lecture and guided activities for participants to apply the learning topics to their personal experience. Caregivers taking the course are responsible for ensuring they do NOT register the same dates, unless approved by the therapist-instructor or Clinical Director. The course includes the following topics:

  • Developmental and emotional needs of children growing up in more than one home
  • Strategies for cooperative shared parenting
  • Co-parent communication and engagement
  • Cooperative language vs. conflictual language
  • Reducing defensive responses
  • Self-care and supportive relationships
  • Additional co-parenting resources for personal study

Attendance and certificate

The instructor will maintain an attendance record of participants. Attendance may be confirmed by a third party when a release of information is completed by the participant. Each participant will receive a certificate signed by the instructor. 


The total cost, to be paid prior to the course, is $70/participant. The $70 fee is non-refundable. If needing to reschedule, call 24 hours prior to the scheduled course to reschedule and there will be no additional fees.


LiveHealGrow Counseling maintains confidentiality for all persons utilizing services. In circumstances of suspicion, threat, or witness to abuse, neglect, or violence, a LiveHealGrow employee is mandated to report any harm or potential harm, overriding the confidentiality agreement.

Additional services

Upon completing the introductory shared parenting course, participants may request continued shared parenting counseling or consultation. Insurance and fees apply, according to service provided.