Looking for Choices and Changes?

You are in the right place! We changed our name and look forward to serving you under Live. Heal. Grow. Counseling.

Who We Are

Individuals who love God and exhibit relationship-first hearts. Our growing staffs’ specialties range from play therapy to addictions, couples, and marriage counseling. Our team is committed to the wellness of others and helping our clients and their families navigate all of life’s changes and challenges.

What We Do

Live. Heal. Grow. Counseling Services helps individuals to make positive choices promoting mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The environment at Live. Heal. Grow. Counseling Services is designed to provide counseling services that are comfortable and confidential, including play rooms specifically designed for play therapy

Where We Are

Our offices are located at 360 N Oak St. in Columbia City, IN, 46725

Office hours are 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Hours vary based upon the therapist.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call our Care Connectors at 260-244-0264.


Privacy, confidentiality, and the highest of quality in care are some of the things that we value most at Live. Heal. Grow. Counseling Services.  Working and providing care in a small town community brings with it great benefits and great challenges.  We want to recognize that many of our clients chose Live. Heal. Grow. Counseling Services for their counseling needs due to the familiarity and comfort they may feel with our clinicians or our owners whom they may have known for years in this small community either personally or from a distance.  We also want to recognize that because it is a small and tight knit community, there may be times when you will interact with one of our staff members in another venue or capacity.  We want you to know and understand what we will do as a practice to provide quality care to your family.  

Conflicts of interest – Therapists in our practice maintain a professional relationship with you and your family that is unbiased.  We will not assign a client to a clinician that has a personal relationship with you outside of the therapy process.  Sometimes we get requests for therapists that you may know personally, we will discuss this with you and your family to determine how we can support you best and if unbiased care can be provided for all involved and discuss a treatment plan that addresses any and all concerns that may be present. 

Confidentiality – There will be times when you will see or interact with members of our staff in the community.  We will take your lead on whether or not you want to interact with us outside of the office.  We will never ever share personal information about you, your family, or your case outside of therapy.  If you do choose to say hello to us outside of the office, we are happy to say hello or interact with you but it is also okay to choose not to interact with our staff members and it’s important to us that you know we will not take that personally in any way. 

Other staff members – As you begin therapy here at Live. Heal. Grow. Counseling Services, you may realize that although there is no conflict of interest with your own therapist, there are other staff that you know personally or have connection with in the community.  Please know that your file, your personal information, and the content of your therapy is private and will not be shared with others not involved in your care.  When a personal relationship with another staff person is known however, additional measures can be taken to assure that information is protected even in supervision and administration of your case.  If you have an outside relationship with any of our staff or any concerns about privacy/confidentiality, please make a member of our leadership or administrative team aware so we can address any concerns. 


At this time, Live. Heal. Grow. Counseling Services requires all clients wear masks in the lobby. For further COVID policies, please call the office at 260-244-0264.

See Our Space


Building #1

Building one is located on the left side as you enter the Live. Heal. Grow. Counseling Services parking lot.

Building #2

Building two is located on the right side as you enter the Live. Heal. Grow. Counseling Services parking lot.

Emergency Contacts

Health Emergencies


Domestic Violence Hotline

1. 800. 799. 7233

Suicide Hotline

1. 800. 273. 8255

P: 260. 244. 0264
F: 260. 244. 1983
A: 360 N. Oak Street, Columbia City, IN 46725