Meet Our People

Our dedicated therapists and support staff are here to serve and support you through every step of the treatment process. Click on any picture below to learn more about each of our team members, their specialties, and availability. When you’re ready to make an appointment, call our office at (260)244-0264, let us know who you’d like to work with, and we will get you started!


Nichole Trier, LMHC
Haley Sloffer, LMFT, LCAC
Assistant Director
Lisa Wooley, PsyD, HSPP
Courtney Dressler, LCSW, LCAC


Barbara Beck, LCSW
Joan Bowers,LMFT, MAC, CEAP
Jamie Briscoe, LMHC-A
Will Gross, Intern
Stephanie Hammer, LMHC
David Hestand, LMHC
Emily Hittler, LMHC
Joe Hoffman, LMHC
Renae Hoffman, LMHC
Kristen Ishak, MSW
Marlene Knispel, LMFT, LMHC
Rileigh Leek, LMHC-A
Kira Nehls, Intern
Brett Robbins, LMHC-A
Season Rose, MSed, LMHC-A
Tawanna Scruggs-Cottrell, Intern
Lisa Starkey, LMHC
Lori Stokes, LMHC
Kimberly Woodward, LMHC

Medication Management

Alicia Elliott, NP


Megan Neuhart, MS

Support Staff

Amy Bonham
Insurance Benefits Coordinator & Credentialing
Danielle Goble
Office Manager
Pam Ousley
Alayna Lamm
Client Resource Coordinator
Morgan Sutton
Client Communications
Jodi Alexander
Care Connector
Haley Buckles
Care Connector
Evin Devito
Client Resource Coordinator / Tutor
Phil Harman
Care Connector
Missy Markley
Care Connector
Anna Sproles
Care Connector