Jamie Briscoe, LMHC-A

Jamie’s In-Network Insurance Coverage:
Anthem BCBS
City of Columbia City
County of Whitley County EAP
Signature Care

Jamie’s Self-pay Rate:
Self-pay fee – $110
Payment must be collected in full at the time of service

Jamie sees clients in Building 2 (350 N. Oak St.)

Compassionate. Smiley. Spirited.

Welcoming. Curious. Playful. Authentic.

You are searching. All along the beach, all day long. You are searching for something to remind you that you can do this. You turn your face to the sun, hoping it’s light will light the dark places inside. Your feet in the water, hoping somehow it will wash away the suffering that muddies all of you. If only you could capture the beauty around you, soak it in through your skin and be beautiful again. Or maybe beautiful for the first time. It took so much to get here today. You narrowly made it through the hurricane that ravaged this beach and the surrounding towns. Today it is bright here, but you remember the days the sky was so dark, the winds raged, and the water surged to places it was not invited. A reflection of light catches your eye. As you approach you see it. Yes, it really is. A pearl glimmering in the sun – stop-your-breath-beautiful. As you admire the pearl, Wisdom speaks. You listen. “This pearl is more than beautiful. This pearl started as a parasite, an irritant to it’s oyster home. The oyster does not spit out this irritant, but holds it and rebirths it. Neither should you spit out your suffering. Hold it, care for it – you will witness transformation. Your healing is in this suffering and transformation. From this suffering you will birth treasure. Hold it. Care for it.” This story may sound like yours. It is also Jamie’s story. As your therapist, Jamie is familiar with path of long-suffering, and she will join with compassion, and authenticity.

Populations Served:

Jamie Briscoe has earned Master’s degrees in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Grace College and Theological Seminary. Jamie has worked with children, teenagers, and adults, specifically with adjustment, grief, depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, relationship conflict, and ADHD. Jamie’s theoretical orientation is Adlerian, with emphasis on how social development begins with the family of origin. She believes each client is unique and creatively works to help clients meet the goals they desire during the counseling journey. She utilizes coping skills such as deep breathing and mindfulness with clients when appropriate. Jamie utilizes non-directive play therapy, theraplay, and sandtray with children.

Prior to work as a mental health clinician, Jamie began working as an elementary school teacher for several years before staying home with her children when they were small. She loved teaching, but felt she wanted to help her students succeed more in their mental health and well-being than meeting academic standards. Jamie is fulfilling a dream that began during her personal cancer battle to help others in painful places with wisdom and comfort she received in her journey.

Jamie’s highest priority for each client is to create a safe space to process and build a strong therapeutic alliance. She utilizes research-based treatment during counseling sessions, collaborating with the client to create new ways of coping, and working through feelings and emotions from childhood through present day.

Jamie is new to the field of counseling and looks forward to receiving future training in theraplay therapy, filial therapy, and grief counseling.

Jamie’s husband, Chad, is an Athletic Director at Grace College and Seminary, and their family enjoys spending time at Grace athletic events during the school year. They have two daughters ages 12 and 9, and love traveling to different places as a family. Jamie enjoys water and snow sports and taking family bike rides. Jamie and her family are committed to their faith and volunteer in their church and community