Megan Neuhart, MS

Megan Neuhart graduated with her Master of Science in Nutrition and Human Performance from Logan University and will soon be a board-certified clinical nutritionist. She has also been an adjunct professor of Nutritional Sciences for Grace College since 2014, credited with fully designing and teaching Grace’s new undergraduate nutrition program. She specializes in evidence-based nutrition to support health restoration by applying phytotherapy, herbology, and other forms of integrative nutrition. She is knowledgeable and experienced in supporting the restoration of gastrointestinal health, vagus nerve balance, cardiovascular health, immune function, hormone homeostasis, detoxification, neurology, and mental health. She has helped people from all walks of life improve their health by manipulating diet, herbs, dietary supplementation, and lifestyle patterns. Megan strongly believes in the medicinal power of proper nutrition to promote healing and greater vitality. She is eager to meet with our clients to support them in their health journeys.