Brett Robbins, MA, LMHC-A

Brett’s In-network Insurance Coverage:
Anthem BCBS
City of Columbia City
County of Whitley County EAP
Signature Care

Brett’s Self-pay Rate:
Self-pay fee – $110
Payment must be collected in full at the time of service

Brett sees clients in Building 2 (350 N. Oak St.)

Playful. Peaceful. Respecting of all.

Kind. Dedicated. Eyes-for-the-vulnerable.

You’ve arrived at the bottom of the mountain. You have your pack and new boots – ready…right? Sure, the pack is a little heavy – but you NEED all this stuff. After all, you have to live for the next several days with only what you have on your back. The Guide approaches – your pack is too heavy, he says. “Hike lighter, and you will make it all way.” What?! No!! Absolutely not. There is absolutely nothing that can stay – it all has to go. You need it. The Guide smiles and shrugs his shoulders and heads toward the trail. You follow him. He’s quiet and quick..or maybe you are slow? Already the pack is digging into your shoulders and hips. The weight requiring all your strength. He’s right. You and this pack can’t both make it up this mountain. If you want to see the breath-taking view – the view your’ve been dreaming of – the pack has got to get lighter. Twenty minutes later you and the Guide are back on the trail. It’s gonna be okay. The Guide tells you about the wildlife surrounding you and challenges you to a little race. And then – you’re there! You made it! The view is everything you imagined – it’s better than you imagined. Better because of the journey it took to get here. Gratitude. Exhaustion. Gratitude. Satisfaction. Gratitude. Your quiet-wise Guide stand with you – taking it all in. Brett will guide and be with you every step of your hike. You will make it up your mountain. And yes, confidence and peace and gratitude are there.

Brett Robbins earned his Master’s degrees in 2019 in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Grace College and Theological Seminary. Brett has worked predominantly with teens and children using Adlerian based interventions, as well as, play therapy and sand tray therapy interventions, adapted to the unique needs and goals of clients. Brett is competent in working with anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism, ODD, acute stress, and PTSD.

Prior to work as a mental health clinician, Brett worked at Pierceton Woods Academy with sexually maladaptive boys and young men.

Brett enjoys working with all populations and age groups, but has found his passion in helping children and teens. Brett enjoys working with the family of a youth to unite and become a better functioning and more cohesive whole.

Populations Served

Populations served:
Children, Adolescents, Adults

Special Considerations:
Does not participate in court hearings or court-ordered services related to child custody disputes.

To schedule an appointment contact a Care Connector at 260-244-0264