Bree Ricker, LCSW

Bree’s In-Network Insurance Coverage:
Aetna EAP
Anthem BCBS
City of Columbia City
Lutheran/Three Rivers
Signature Care

Bree’s Self-pay Rate:
Self-pay discounted fee – $110
Payment must be collected in full at time of service

Easy to laugh. Warm. Sassy-sweet.

Direct. Abundant laughter. Lively. Comfortable. Brave-like-you-never-saw-it-coming.

She’s the unicorn you dreamed of as a kid – with that full, bright mane swishing this way and that. Strong, beautiful, bright, and full of mystery. As a child you imagined riding and flying with her through the enchanted forest. And today, here she is. Right in front of you. She is here to be with you. You think how ridiculous this is – a unicorn. Here. Now. There is something in her eyes that lights in you that childlike faith and hope in the impossible. Her horn begins to glow and shimmer, and your surroundings have been transformed. This place is the enchanted forest. “It always has been,” she says. You feel warm and radiant and strong all over – inside and out. “You always have been.” she says. Together the day is all you daydreamed – galloping and soaring, full of adventure and peace. And laughter. Lots of laughter. When you invite Bree to join you wherever you are, she will help you see your life in a different dimension, and accept yourself, as the truly amazing person you have always been.

Bree Ricker, MSW, LSW has earned Master’s degrees in Social Work from Indiana University. Bree works with teenagers, adults and families who experience anxiety, depression, trauma and co-occuring disorders. She uses a strength-based and empowerment approach to guide individuals towards their own goals of understanding, growth and healing. Bree’s focus in graduate school involved addictions and understanding pain management. Bree studies
interpersonal relationships and is grounded in Gottman theories. Bree is also experienced in behavior modification for individuals with developmental and cognitive delays. Bree enjoys working with adults and teenagers and is accepting new clients.

Populations Served

Populations served:
Adolescent to Adult

Special considerations:
Does not participate in court hearings related to custody hearing

To schedule an appointment contact the Front Desk at 260-244-0264