Our Model

The LiveHealGive Approach

We know that when a child or teen is hurting, caregivers feel pain too. When a child experiences stress they communicate with the gifts and skills they possess – their emotions and actions. When a child’s emotions and behavior appear unpredictable, intense, or inappropriate, caregivers often experience confusion and a sense of helplessness to help the child return to prior functioning. The LiveHealGive model embraces both child and caregiver in order to offer holistic healing and to make the return to prior functioning most effective and sustainable.


You may go by Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle, Aunt, Cousin, Foster-mom, Foster-dad, Guardian, or a unique nickname given by Dear Ones. Others may describe you as a parent or caregiver. Here, we call you brave- and maybe weary- Heroines, Heroes, World-Changers and Travellers. By calling Choices & Changes, and making the time for the parent seminars and the appointments to follow, you have chosen to travel a path that may not look well-worn. It’s the path to the Land of LiveHealGive!

We invite you and welcome you to our Land of LiveHealGive. There are Healers and Helpers here in the Land of LiveHealGive. Wounded Healers and wounded Helpers. Human Healers and Human Helpers who have answered a Call from the Source of Healing – to give our Gifts – Gifts shaped and shined by our own adversities. We share our Gifts to be part of help and healing for those who visit our land. People come to our Land from far and near. They come with wounds – the very wounds we are prepared to help mend heal. People of all ages come here with many kinds of wounds. Wounds in children – wounds from childhood. Wounds that started small, and over time worsened into debilitating conditions. Wounds from sudden and unexpected injuries. Wounds passed down, generation after generation. And wounds that come from living this life.

We welcome you to the Land of LiveHealGive. You are here to visit for a time. We are glad you are here. We do not rejoice over the sorrows and wounds that led you here – but we will stand with you Here. Together we will look on your story – past and present, your story that has led you Here. We are not here to judge, but to try and see from your eyes. Together we will set our hope on what help and Healing could look like. Together we will walk the often winding and uncertain path that leads to Healing and Transformation. We are in this together – Here – in this part of your family’s story. When you leave our land, you will be ready to Give wherever you go, and to all you come in contact with.

Beginning Therapy

As part of beginning therapy, families will be asked to register for a LiveHealGive seminar. This group setting provides information that will be useful to your family’s unique circumstances, and will give you an overview of what to expect from your child or teen’s treatment.

The LiveHealGive seminar provides families an introduction to the Boggs’ LiveHealGive Model. This is a treatment model unique to Choices and Changes that we use with children, teens, and families. Caregivers will learn about the heartbeat of LiveHealGive, and the quality of services to expect as they begin professional therapy support.